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CS Soft Basic

Data evaluation in 5 languages by means of CS Soft Basic. Everything at a glance: Table, graphic, statistics - at the touch of a button the user gets all necessary information.

CS Soft Network

By means of the CS Soft Network an optional number of DS 500 or DS 400 instruments can be evaluated via Ethernet. The software stores the measured data of all instruments cyclically in a SQL database on the server.

CS Soft Energy Analyzer

Serves for compressor analysis, system analysis or leakage calculation. Evaluation at the PC with graphics and statistics. Graphic evaluation with day view and week view. Compressed air costs in €/$.

CS Service Software

Very useful for connecting the humidity sensors to the PC and the following adjustments can be carried out, for e.g.: Scaling of the 4...20 mA analogue output, alarm limits, single-point calibration.

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